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Hi. Hi.

I'm glad you dropped by.

Before I get to myself, I would like to clarify the meaning behind the name, Jandro. This was a nickname coined by university classmates when I was a graduating student. By the final semester, I decided upon this very name to trademark my freelance design and art business.

I am a proud graduate of Swinburne University of Technology, having earned a degree for the Bachelor of Communication Design. Today, I offer services to both start-up companies and community organisations in brand and identity, communication design, and marketing, with  animation skills also on the table for promotional clips. But my current primary skill is crafting letters. These are defining components of my folio, noticeable in my other fields, such as wordmark solutions for brand logos. The skill has further influenced Jandro's latest merchandise, Y.A.Y, proudly reinforcing my motto of being true to oneself to achieve the best in life to find a place in society to stand out proudly.

Outside of creativity, I enjoy cooking, gym, running, walking and of course a warm cup of coffee with others.

My clients

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