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I'm glad you stopped by.

My name is Alejandro and I am a lettering artist and graphic designer. Let me first clarify Jandro. This was coined by classmates when I was a uni student back in the day. As the days drew closer to the end of the final semester, I willingly assigned it as my freelance business name upon graduation; moreover, I couldn't really think of a better name at the time.

I am a proud graduate of Swinburne University of Technology, having earned a degree for the Bachelor of Communication Design.  Since then, I have embarked on numerous projects in the branding, animation, and communication design fields, assisting start-up and privately-owned  businesses here in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.


In the wake of some difficult years that the world has endured with a pandemic, it was during this time that I discovered my passion for lettering artworks, and using Procreate to illustrate my characters for finished artworks. As of 2022, I continue to build my latest portfolio of handmade letters and allowing these to reflect my motto of being true to my soul. Lettering art provides a new world of excitement that I am proud to show to society in echoing such a positive message about life and self-love. Furthermore, 2022 has seen the release of my latest art project for print on apparel. I aspire to continue sharing designs that remind communities that even in hard times, there is still a chance to smile about life. Additionally, I strive to continue offering my graphic design services to ensure the businesses I work with continue to deliver positive, memorable connections to their markets.

Outside of his creativity, Alejandro enjoys traveling, cooking, exercising, and of course, a good cup of coffee or chai.

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