Comfort Home Care

Branding & Identity | 2020

Creativity & Friendship

This Australian-based organisation provides care, shelter and staffing solutions for both the aged-care and the disabled, residing throughout municipalities in Melbourne and Sydney, respectfully. For this project, I teamed up with branding and marketing consultancy, BEAM Creative, to regenerate the flamingo subject as part of the company's refined identity.


Flamingos are a representation of a balanced life of socialisation and tenderness. Therefore, the goal was to better express these messages in the new symbol, while maintaining a full-bodied depiction of the bird and its signature, warm pink. The subject's one-leg pose is thus intensified, aiding to the conveyance of balance. Additionally, it is placed inside a partially covered C glyph. It was this letter's open counter, which we all found brilliantly transmit love and affection behind the company's mission.

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