Food For Joy

Rebranding & New Labels

Food For Joy is a privately-owned business, based in Moriac, Victoria that manufactures and sells authentic, natural cordials.


The goal of the rebranding was to conceptualise a fresh new logo to apply this across the company's already existing communications.


The logo redesign takes on an emblem style, with emphasis on Joy, and thus allowing for the O to act as the brand icon itself - the seeds and core of citrus fruit. As a solid one-colour design, it has allowed the business cards to come in three varying hues on the fronts, all pertaining to the bright, juicy pigments of the cordials. These ultimately led to the new bottle labels taking on similar solid graphics and slab serif texts, with some even echoing the logo's curved type path. Additionally, each label emphasises the flavour through the use of matching hues in the graphics.

This project was a graduate rebranding task and has no affiliation with the existing company or their services.

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