Permeable Pavement Concretes & Envirokerb

Branding & Identity | 2020

BEAM Creative and myself were assigned to regenerate a combination mark logo for Permeable Pavement Concretes (PPC), along with a wordmark for their newest water drainage system, Envirokerb. The logos were created simultaneously, each with its own focus; For PPC, the goal was to represent the company as proudly Australian and innovative, while for Envirokerb, emphasis was given to its eco-friendly pledge.

Australia & Porous

In establishing PPC's new identity, we were inspired by the characteristics of the permeable concrete surfaces to reflect the business. The final result, thus consists of different coloured circles, the symbol represents the zoomed-in patterns of permeable concrete, which, combined with the appliance of blue hues, also symbolise water droplets, and hence irrigation. 

Environment & Smart

Reflecting the company’s pledges of sustainable and eco-friendly products, Envirokerb’s wordmark enlivens the first six letters from the cut-through wavy element. Breaking this into two sections, this materialises the relationship between earth and water. Furthermore, O, the sixth and centre letter, is given a new render, with its counter removed. This allows for visible appliance of both the green and a blue hue, further emphasising the harmonious correlation between the two elements. Kerb, by contrast, speaks for the permeable products themselves with its cool grey tints.


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