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Art & Graphic Design.


Single-word Finished Art

Digital artworks of single words or short quotes. Designed to act as a stand-alone artwork with added assets, like a background, or illustrated as a simpler artwork - it depends on what style suits your brand and your design. Finished solutions include poster art, book covers, apparel art and store signage.

Campaign/Promotional Lettering

Digital artworks of a set of words, harmoniously mixed to act as one dominant, eye-catching component from different designs. Solutions include the quote/message from a poster, slogans and more store signage.

Greeting Card Art

Delivering finished lettering art purposefully to be read from small-sized greeting cards. Words may contain familiar sayings, like Happy Birthday, but new, original messages can also be conceptualised to provide a unique feel.

Graphic Design

Brand & Identity

I conceptualise and deliver a fresh brand mark that truly addresses the characteristics and purpose of your business in the form of a symbol, an emblem, or a letter mark. The result is memorable, not just for its distinctive shapes or texts, but for its flexible format across print and online contexts. Upon your request, I also provide a style guide to accompany the new mark and to ensure everyone working for your business correctly adheres to the style.

Communication and Promotional Design

Perhaps in addition to your launched brand mark, or as part of your next campaign, your business requires a set of branded layouts. Whether a stationery item, such as a business card, letterhead or a social media post, my goal is to ensure the look and feel echoes your business purpose to maintain engagement and excitement from your market.


As many markets continue to turn to the screen, there's certainly more demand for motion clips and audio combined. My goal is to bring out the most of your brand launch or your latest promotion through the application of alluring transitions and effects to provide for, and maintain, a digital presence of your business.

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