The Plastic House

Marketing & Promotional Design | 2020

The Plastic House (2019) is a short film, written and directed by Australian film-maker and artist, Allison Chhorn. It narrates the life of a farmer girl, born to Cambodian migrant parents, who now all reside in Australia. A sense of displacement soon sweeps over the protagonist's mind, as she begins to imagine her day-to-day routines after the passing of her parents, and the great challenges faced by unkind weather. She must find a way to embrace her physical duties as a means to heal her sense of belonging.


The promotional designs reflect a personal nature to the protagonist, with particular emphasis on hand-drawn elements over photographs, all reinforcing her senses. The press kit took inspiration from personal diaries, while the posters feature drawings of the protagonist hard at work, juxtaposed over blended still images of key aspects, such as the greenhouse, clouds and foliages.