Who am I?

Hi I'm Alejandro, but feel free to call me Jandro, as I'm known as a freelancer.

A proud graduate of Swinburne University of Technology, I am on a lifelong mission to discover and push my graphic design skills and knowledge further. I am enrolled in an online course to learn and design websites in WordPress. All the while, I enjoy offering my creative talents - design and digital art - to different clients and industries.

What I love about being a designer, and a creative thinker, is that I am constantly bombarded with inspiration wherever I venture in life. Whether it be from a logo, a product label, a website layout, or elegant letterings from inside a boutique store or a cafe, as part of my ongoing learning, I so often find myself making note of the styles and aesthetics.


I believe design is a profession of ongoing discovery and learning.

If you would like to get in touch about an upcoming project you have, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime!


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